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Cigarette Cost Calculator: How Much Is Smoking Costing You?

Do you know how much your smoking is actually costing you? You might be unpleasantly surprised. Discover just how much you can save by going smokefree.

Use Our Quit Smoking Calculator

Our quit smoking calculator is a regularly updated tool you can use to see how much you’re already spending on cigarettes per day, month, or year. It’s not a tool meant to help you budget but one that aims to keep you mindful of how much cigarettes can take a huge chunk out of your regular budget.

The Cost to Quit Smoking

There is no cost to quit smoking. If you’re asking “How much will I save if I quit smoking?” you’ll find our smoking calculator to be helpful in determining the number of ciggies you won’t smoke, the savings you’ll get by setting aside a percentage dedicated to smoking to other things within a set time period.

Please keep in mind that our smoking calculator only calculates how much you will save by quitting vs. buying a pack daily and consuming tobacco. It does not factor in nicotine vaping, pharmacotherapy, and other alternative product costs.

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