How to never smoke again

Quitting smoking is hard and may take some time to do. Using therapy to replace nicotine can be helpful, but may still be just as hard to not smoke in the very beginning.

There are things you can do now and in the future to help you stay smokefree.

Understand your triggers

Even if you haven’t smoked in years, certain people, places, things, and situations can make you want to. No matter how long it’s been since you quit, your triggers can still pop up and make you feel bad. If you know what sets off, you can be ready for them and fight them off.

Be positive

It can be hard the first few hours, days, and weeks after you stop smoking. Quitting is a process, so just take it day by day. Having a good attitude can help you get through hard times. There are ways to handle stress and other strong feelings that don’t involve smoking.

Curb your cravings

When you want to smoke it can be hard to stay smokefree. But the longer you don’t smoke, the less you’ll want to. If you have a plan, it can be easier to fight cravings. Make a plan by writing down things you can do when you want to smoke. Take a walk, practise deep breathing, or do anything else that helps you get rid of cravings. Hold on to your list.

Celebrate you

It’s a big deal to not smoke anymore, so give yourself treats often. Since you aren’t buying cigarettes anymore, you might have enough money to buy yourself something nice. But don’t think you have to pay for your rewards – now that you can breathe better, go on a hike, or have a movie night with a friend. If you’ve already made a plan to quit, think about the rewards you chose. If you haven’t made a quit plan, it’s never too late.

Get support

Even if you haven’t smoked for a while, it can be hard to control your triggers and deal with cravings. Help can come from getting support from the people around you. Talk to the people who helped you quit smoking at first, as they can help you stay smokefree in a big way. Tell them how they can help and that you’re in it for the long haul.